Wesley United Methodist Church


Sundays: 8:00am & 10:30am

130 West Third Street Bloomsburg, PA 17815


Prayer Requests

Wesley Church is passionate about prayer. We want prayer to be embedded in everything we do.PrayingHandsCandle

Prayer Coordinator Judy Snyder oversees a dynamic prayer program that includes a variety of initiatives to embed prayer in our church and our community.

Do you want to add someone to the prayer chain or have the church office pray for a specific person or need?

Cards to convey prayer request are located on the Third Street desk. Please feel free to use them at any time. Completed cards should be placed in the box on the Third Street desk.

During the worship service you may kneel at the alter and pray anytime. All who attend worship have the opportunity to make use of the prayer bookmark that is included with the bulletin each Sunday morning. The prayer bookmark includes a list of those newly added to the prayer chain, a list of those who are in need of continued prayer, and a list of those serving in the military. The persons being prayed for include members, friends, relatives, and others known to be in need of prayer. Also, each Sunday, one of our United States is listed. Everyone is encouraged to use the prayer bookmark as part of a daily devotional time.

You may also complete the pray request form below and our coordinators will add it to the Prayer Chain.

Prayer Request

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